VA Loan Rates Bad Credit OK

If you are in the military or a retired veteran you have a unique opportunity to get the lowest VA loan rates of the generation on a government guaranteed mortgage. Even if you have low fico scores, you may qualify for a VA loan with bad credit. The fact is that U.S. military still guarantees bad credit VA mortgage programs for borrowers that have other compensating factors. There is no minimum credit score with bad credit VA loans, so complete the form now and get a free quote with obligation. That means that the Department of Veterans Affairs will guaranteed all loans with VA eligibility regardless of the borrower's credit score.

It's a great time for home buying because home prices have fallen and VA loan rates have fallen to 2.625% on 15-year terms and 3.125% on 30-year loans. If you are looking for a no cost VA loan at a great interest rate, we can help. If you are looking for a VA loan with bad credit, our lenders have solutions that may best help your situation.

VA Loan Rates Have Fallen to a Record Low on 30-Year Mortgages

Do you have poor credit scores or late payments that have hindered your qualifications when submitting your loan application in the past? If you have a military background chances are your VA loan eligibility is available and you may in fact qualify for bad credit loan with a great VA interest rates. You see the VA is not prejudice against borrowers with less than perfect credit like how traditional lenders are. Loose credit guidelines and affordable VA rates are two significant benefits that come along with military financing. Get a free VA loan rate quote before with no obligation.