VA Loan Other Types of Service

Certain United States citizens who served in the armed forces of a government allied with the United States in World War II.

Unremarried surviving spouses of the above described eligible persons who died as the result of service or service-connected injuries. (Children of deceased veterans are not eligible(

The spouse of any member of the Armed Forces serving on active duty who is listed as missing in action, or is a prisoner of war and has been so listed for a total of more than 90 days.

Individuals with service as members in certain other organizations, services, programs and schools may also be eligible. Questions about whether this service qualifies for home loan benefits should be referred to the Loan Guaranty Division of the nearest VA regional office.

Obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility

VA determines your eligibility and, if you are qualified, VA will issue you a certificate of eligibility to be used in applying for a VA loan.

Should you need to request a certificate from VA, you must complete VA Form 26-1880. Request for Determination of Eligibility and Available Loan Guaranty Entitlement (this form may be obtained from any VA office), and submit it with either the original or legible copies of your most recent discharge or separation papers covering active military duty since September 16, 1940, which show active duty dates and type of discharge. If you were separated after January 1, 1950, you must submit DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty.

In addition, if you are now on active duty and have not been previously discharged from active duty service, you must submit a statement of service which includes the name of the issuing authority (base or command), and is signed by or at the direction of an appropriate official. The statement must include date of entry on active duty and the duration of any time lost.

Since there is no uniform document similar to the DD214 for proof of service in the Selected Reserve, a number of different forms may be accepted as documentation of service in the Selected Reserve. For those who served in the Army or Air National Guard and were discharged after at least 6 years of such service, NGB Form 22 may be sufficient. Those who served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard Reserves may need to rely on any of a variety of forms that document at least 6 years of honorable service. Often, it will be necessary to submit a combination of documents such as an Honorable Discharge certificate together with a retirement points statement. It is the reservist's responsibility to obtain and submit documentation of 6 years of honorable service.