VA Loan Eligibility Requirements


    Congress established the VA Loan Guaranty Program in 1944 to assist returning war veterans in home ownership. Since that time, the program continues to thrive. There are several ways to       determine VA loan eligibility. Requirements are different for different types of service performed, but unless still on active duty, every applicant must possess a discharge other than dishonorable. A service connected discharge, or a discharge due to involuntary force reduction, certain medical discharges, and a discharge for the convenience of the government usually qualify for VA home loan eligibility if the other mandated requirements are met.



In the case of wartime service, the applicant must have served for 90 continuous days and hold a qualifying discharge. Active duty includes World War 2, Korea and Vietnam. VA home loan eligibility during peacetime requires 181 days of continuous duty and a qualifying discharge. Eligibility for persons serving in the military after 9/7/80 for enlisted, and 10/16/80 for officers, must have served for 181 days or for 24 months of continuous duty. Active service for the Gulf war must be 24 months of continuous service, or the full period of at least 90 days, for the active duty ordered.

People that served in the Selected Reserves or National Guard needs 6 years of service with an honorable discharge, placed on a retirement list, or transferred to Stand By or Ready Reserves. The surviving spouse of a veteran who died in service, or was disabled, missing in action or a prisoner of war who remarries after age 57 and after 12/16/03 may be eligible for a loan. A United Sates Citizen that served under an allied government of the United States may qualify.

There are members of organizations eligible for a VA loan including merchant seamen with WW 2 service, Public Health officials, officers of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, cadets at the US Military, Air Force, or Coast Guard Academies, and midshipmen at the US Naval Academy. Applicants must prove their eligibility. Veterans need a copy of their DDS 214 form, active serve members need a statement of service from a commanding officer or higher, and reservists need proof of 6 years of reserve duty by producing the latest point’s statement or statements from commanding officers. Applicants that are no longer active must show proof of a qualifying discharge for VA loan eligibility. To apply for military records use Standard Form 180.